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After the collapse of the housing market back in 2007, real estate values started plummeting. However, in the last year or so, the real estate market has started to regain some foothold in the economy and seems to be on the road to. Major polls and opinions of real estate investors have revealed predictions of single-digit figures relating to the annual growth in the real estate market. Therefore, it is the right time to start investing in property and real estate classifieds are one of the best ways to find the right deals. specializes in offering listings for real estate for sale across US and Canada posted by the owners themselves. Our site has many useful features for locating exactly what you are looking for or finding the buyers for any sort of real estate that you want to put up for sale. The search tool has been designed with all the important parameters to help you narrow down on various types of properties to suit your preferred location and requirements to fit within your budget.
No more sifting through hundreds of pages of real estate classifieds in newspapers and magazines as well as other websites out there. Users of have had great success in finding any type of real estate that they are on the lookout for, whether it’s a single family house, a condo or an apartment, a townhome, a duplex or a triplex, a piece of land or even a farm or a ranch.
It may be a ranch in Texas or Arizona, a condo in LA or Vegas, a beach-front property in Miami or an apartment in New York; simply visit and with some simple clicks, you will land upon the listing of the real estate for sale that fulfills your needs. The advantage about putting your money in real estate, especially when the financial market is being sluggish is that actual real estate values are not directly related with stock, bonds or even “public real estate investment trusts” (REITs). Thus, even when the private equity market is not looking so hot, the real estate market can thrive as the later is not based on speculation but on personal evaluation and appraisal.
So whether you are a serious property buyer or even casually browsing for different kinds of homes that are on offer, you will find that our site will give the best assessment of the rates that various pieces of real estate are going for. will enable you to pinpoint properties that have been listed by the owners themselves, so no more going through a middleman or a real estate agent and shelling out money for the high commission charged by them. The easy-to-use layout makes it a cinch to home in on all real estate classifieds that fall within the indicators that you specify, whether it is a wooden cabin high up in the mountains or townhome or an apartment in a thriving urban center.

Q:Are the online real estate listings given authentic?

A:The online real estate listings given on this site offer the properties that are advertised for selling or buying purpose. These are the properties available and every day many people not only rely on the site for real estate listings but also get in touch with the owners or buyers and make lucrative transactions.

Q:Does it cost anything to post real estate ads on your site?

A:No, posting or uploading ads for real estate on our site is absolutely free of cost. Neither does our site charge any commission for any transactions that are made between our visitors and the private owners who are selling them the piece of real estate. Go through more sections on our site for details.

Q:Does your site charge any fees for accessing real estate classifieds or do I have to pay when I select a real estate that I want to buy?

A:No, there are absolutely no hidden costs or subscription fees charged by our site whatsoever for accessing the database of real estate classifieds. You can do as many searches as you want and make contact with as many sellers as you want. Our site will not charge a single penny. Keep on clicking for additional information.

Q:Where can I find real estate land listings?

A:You can find listings of real estate on our website, ByOwner. We are dedicated to helping people from all over find the homes, houses, rentals, and property that fits their budget as well as their needs. You can easily search for real estate property on sale by browsing through our pages.

Q:To find the best real estate listings, should I hire a real estate agent or any other professional?

A:It is not necessary that only a real estate agent can hook you with the best real estate deals. We offer the latest listings for real estate on sale. You can easily browse through features of each deal and see if any suits you. This will help you cut down on the unnecessary costs of hiring an agent.

Q:I am planning to buy real estate online, do you think this is a good idea?

A:Yes, we can help you come across amazing deals for real estate in any location nationwide. All you have to do is refine your search and specify your needs. You can easily come across listings for the latest deals of real estate and other property. This is great idea as it is more convenient, low costs, and less time consuming.

Q:To come across the new listings real estate, what do I have to do?

A:All you have to do browse through our site and specify your interest in this area. Our site will help you come across new deals for real estate or any other thing. Our lists are up dated and renewed regularly to make sure customers get the latest information. Take a look at our pages and see for yourself.

Q:I wanted to build my house in a scenic and peaceful location. Is there any real estate for sale in a hilly or wooded region?

A:Whether it is two or twenty acres, there are many pieces of real estate that are available for sale in natural and breathtaking locales that you can build a house on. However, it doesn't mean that you will be cut off from the rest of the society, as roads and utilities reach right up to your property line. Go through more sections of our site for further details.

Q:I want to buy real estate for building a plaza in the near future. Can I found options here?

A:Buy Real EstateThis is the place where sellers meet buyers and hence they advertise all kind of properties. Nowadays it is more convenient and practical to make a real estate search online this can be gauged by the number of real estate options listed here. Not only are they listed but many successful purchases also take place. You can search the list of land on sale for commercial use easily.

Q:Can I find real estate listings for commercial use since I need a place for my office?

A:If you are looking for real estate to make your office then the most important factor would be the location. You can narrow down your search to the specific locality and search for real estate options available there. There are number of already built office spaces available and land as well in different places. All you need to do is search for them.

Q:Do you offer all real estate listings for my state?

A:We offer an online platform where real estate sellers from all states can list their property for sale. You can customize your search on our website and look through listings for real estate limited to your location. We offer latest deals and offers, and keep a large variety. Feel free to browse through our lists and learn more about real estate for sale.

Q:I want to find real estate online, but im not sure if it is a good idea? Can you give me some tips?

A:We understand that many do not have the time to go out and explore the market for investment purposes. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to making shopping easy and convenient through our online platforms. You don't have to worry about hiring an agent, all you have to do is go through our lists and browse through the hundreds of property deals put up by sellers. You can directly get in touch with these sellers.

Q:Are your real estate property listings diverse?

A:Yes, our real estate listings are diverse in nature and come in a large variety. We cater to all kinds of real estate sellers and buyers. From homes to commercial land, and from industrial plants to farm land, you can find all kinds of real estate on our website. Feel free to take a look and explore the variety of real estate options.

Q:What is classified real estate?

A:Classified real estate is basically property that has been classified or divided according to similar characteristics or features. Real estate can be classified according to size, type, and region. Whether you are looking for real estate in Miami, or Florida, you can easily find listings for property in these locations on our site.

Q:As I was going through a listing real estate for sale, I came across cheap commercial property. How can commercial property actually be cheap?

A:It is wrong to assume that all commercial real estate is expensive. There are many commercial areas that are still in the stage of growing or are not in high demand. The price ranges may not be as high as compared to other commercial areas. We offer all kinds of commercial property for sale, with prices that are reasonable. Check out our listings.

Q:I recently read an article about listing real estate online and I now wish to open up my own office in my home town. Where can I find affordable office property/space?

A:The listings for commercial property are available on our website. You can search through our listings and look through classified ads according to your preferred location. Commercial property is available in all forms and price ranges. The variety is diverse, so feel free to take a look on our pages.

Q:Can I recommend your site to a friend looking for real estate properties for sale?

A:Yes, you can recommend our website to anyone looking for property on sale. We have listings for property from all across the nation. One of the best features here is that there are no extra costs involved and no need for hiring an agent. All one has to do is browse through and pick an offer that fits best.