Our Mission

Our mission is to make buying or selling a home better for the consumer. The ByOwner difference is simple but revolutionary: we're on the consumer's side. Really on your side. Our Real Estate listing and marketing service saves Sellers thousands, without sacrificing service or market exposure. We are "Real Estate done Different"

What We Do

ByOwner is committed to improving the current Real Estate model by saving Sellers thousands of dollars in Real Estate commissions. The average Real Estate transaction costs Buyers and Sellers nearly 6% or $15,000 on a $250,000 home. In today's world, with technology offering Buyers and Sellers more options and information than ever, ByOwner can offer superior service to Sellers and Buyers at a fraction of the cost. We believe homeowners deserve to keep more equity in their home and we can help them do it.

Our system is unique, as ByOwner agents are not commission-based, which therefore allows us to offer our service at drastically reduced prices. Listing packages include a Flat Fee MLS-only service starting at $499, and a full-service, professional representation listing package for a fee as low as $1995. ByOwner is saving the average Seller 70% in listing fees.

The Flat Fee MLS service is available throughout the U.S. while our Full-Service option is only available in certain geographies as we expect to continue to expand coverage throughout the U.S.

Company History

ByOwner was originally founded in 1996 as a way for homeowners to sell their homes without the involvement of a Real Estate broker. Through the housing boom in the late 1990's, ByOwner went through a number of changes, all the while assisting For Sale By Owner efforts for homeowners looking to sell—and Buyers looking to buy. In 2004 and 2005, interest in listing and purchasing homes using online resources reached a fever pitch, and ByOwner maintained hundreds of thousands of home listings and fueled thousands of transactions.

In 2014, a team of experienced Real Estate and Internet executives saw a unique opportunity in ByOwner to disrupt the current 6% agent model. Saving Homeowners 1000's of dollars by utilizing agents who are not commissioned on the listing side of a Real Estate transaction. Offering true Real Estate Consultants to ensure Homeowners are getting the most value for their home while paying a flat listing fee.

We believe a Real Estate agent is still a great resource in the home buying and selling process, but you don't need to pay 6% ever again. Give "The ByOwner Way" a try. We won't let you down.

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