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When you use our ByOwner, we share information that we collect from you, such as your email (in hashed form), IP address or information about your browser or operating system, with our identity partners/service providers, including LiveRamp Inc. LiveRamp returns an online identification code that we may store in our first-party cookie for our use in online, in-app, and cross-channel advertising and it may be shared with advertising companies to enable interest-based and targeted advertising. To opt out of this use, please click here

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We may use information you provide to enforce our terms, manage user accounts, and manage the performance of our website. We may share your information such as statistics and web usage with third parties. By doing so you may be offered advertisements and other services. We will not provide any third-party service to your personal information without your consent.

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ByOwner may disclose information about its users to law enforcement, courts or other legal entities if required to do so, or if in good faith we feel the necessity to do so.

To report misuses of our site please contact us through our contact form, which can be found here. We reserve the right to enforce our terms at any time.

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Common ID Cookie

This site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies such as the Common ID cookie to provide its services. Cookies are important devices for measuring advertising effectiveness and ensuring a robust online advertising industry. The Common ID cookie stores a unique user id in the first party domain and is accessible to our ad partners. This simple ID that can be utilized to improve user matching, especially for delivering ads to iOS and MacOS browsers. Users can opt out of the Common ID tracking cookie by clicking here.

Advertising Privacy Settings

FOR EU USERS ONLY: When you use our site, pre-selected companies may access and use certain information on your device and about your interests to serve ads or personalized content. You may revisit or change consent-choices at any time by clicking here.


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