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Background, General Information and Weather here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee –
Murfreesboro is in Rutherford County, Tennessee. It is also the county seat. At the times of the 2000 census the population was 68,816. Fast forward to the next census taken in 2010 and the population here grew to 108,755. As of the most recent non-census related poll taken in 2017, the population has ballooned to 136,372. This area of Tennessee has seen steady growth since 2000. One of the main reasons for that is that Murfreesboro is located just 34 miles Southeast of downtown Nashville. So you can be at the heart of Nashville in just about an hour or so if you live here. One of the most interesting things about Murfreesboro is that it is one of Tennessee’s fastest growing cities as well as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Back in 2006 Murfreesboro was ranked by “Money Magazine” as the 84th best place to live in the United States. Fast forward to 2018 and Murfreesboro made that list again but this time, it ranked as the 19th best place to live in the United States. This means that in just 12 years Murfreesboro shot up 65 spots on that “Money Magazine” list. This portion of Tennessee is a great place to live and has the accolades to prove it! According to the United States Census Bureau, Murfreesboro is a total of 58.47 square miles in size with a tiny fraction of that being water. When it comes to the weather here it falls under the category of “Humid Subtropical.” This means that the summers here will be hot and humid, and the winters will be very cold and often wet. The weather here can vary greatly throughout the year from 15 degrees during the winter all the way up to 100 during the summer. The hot season here lasts for a little less than four months. From the end of May until mid September the daily average high is just about 81 degrees. The low for this time is just about 70 degrees. The cold season on the other hand lasts for exactly three months. From the end of November until the end of February the daily average high is just about 56 degrees. The low for this time is hovering around 31 degrees. One of the great things about this area is that although it gets really cold here you will not see an abundant amount of snow. You can expect to see 3 inches or less per year here. It does tend to rain a lot here though. You will see about 52 inches per year which is only a little bit about above the national average of 39 inches per year. If you live here in Murfreesboro, you will get to experience the four seasons. The Spring and Fall here are very mild which is great since the Summer and Winter months tend to be a little extreme.

Major Employers in Murfreesboro –
According to a Comprehensive Financial Report taken back in 2014 these are the top employers here in Murfreesboro. Nissan is the top employer with approximately 7,500 employees. The Rutherford County Government and School Systems employ about 6,100 people. Middle Tennessee State University employs about 2,500 people. National Healthcare employs about 2,100 people. The City of Murfreesboro employs just under 2,000 individuals. State Farm Insurance, Ingram Content Group, Alvin C. York Veterans Administration Medical Center, Asurion and all employ a little less than 2,000 employees each.

Education in Murfreesboro –
The Murfreesboro City Schools aka MCS is the predominant school system here in Murfreesboro. Within this school system there are 12 schools that serve about 7,200 students in grades pre-k through sixth. In 2014 a 13th school was added to help with the growing population here. The secondary schools are overseen by the Rutherford County School System. This school system has 42 schools and nearly 40,000 students. Within this school district there are 14 middle schools as well as 11 high schools. Since the Murfreesboro City School system only serves students in elementary school all students above the elementary school age will have to attend school in the Rutherford County School District. There are also 25 elementary schools within the Rutherford school district.

Summary –
Murfreesboro is a great place to live in Tennessee if you are looking for a place that offers up a large amount of employers as well as an abundant amount of educational options. This portion of Tennessee has been ranked twice as one of the best places to live in the United States. You have to check out Murfreesboro if you are thinking of moving or relocating to Tennessee!