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Smyrna, Georgia


Situated just around 10 miles northwest of Atlanta, Smyrna is a city in Cobb County, Georgia and one of the most sought-after places to live in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. The city, which sits on an area of over 15 square miles, is one of the most densely-populated within its metro area. It has for long been ranked among the fastest-growing cities in Georgia.


The area was settled by pioneers, starting from 1832. It grew to become a popular destination for tourists towards the end of the 1830s due to the presence of a religious camp known as the Smyrna Camp Ground, which was quite popular in the state of Georgia at the time. The community experienced significant growth following the Western and Atlantic Railroad’s completion in 1842. It was known by several names at different times, with these including Varner’s Station, Neal Dow and Ruff’s Station. It was eventually incorporated as the City of Smyrna in 1872.


The city has grown to become an important regional player, friendly to both businesses and families. It is known for jonquils, which come out in their numbers in gardens and along city streets in early spring. This is why Smyrna has been nicknamed the “Jonquil City.” The flower is the official symbol of the city. It boasts a friendly climate with average temperature of about 61 degrees. Summers are not overly hot and winters are moderate.


The terrain of Smyrna, which stands about 320 meters above sea level, is characterized by sloping uplands, hills with big ridges, and somewhat narrow valleys. Downtown is just about 10 miles away from downtown Atlanta. Neighboring areas include Vinings, Marietta, Sandy Springs and Mableton.


As of 2015, the population of Smyrna was estimated at 56,146, representing an increase of approximately 9.5 percent over the number in 2010. More than 40 percent of the residents are 29 years or younger, while those who are 65 years or older are around 10 percent. This city is one of the most-educated in Georgia, with slightly over 52 percent of residents having at least a college degree and about 91 percent having a high school diploma in 2012.


Smyrna is a business-friendly city with this reflecting in expansion of rooftops. The city says it actively tries to attract new small businesses and national operators. One of the major attractions to both businesses and those in search of opportunities is Smyrna’s proximity to Cumberland and the Cobb Galleria. UCB and IBM were the top two employers here as of 2010. The median household income and per capita income stood at $49,556 and $34,439 respectively in 2011.


A number of major highways pass through or near the city. It is situated close to the northern intersection of Interstate 75 and Interstate 285. Cobb Parkway, South Cobb Drive and Atlanta Road are some of the major roadways in the municipality, which is served by Cobb Community Transit and Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) buses.  The developed transportation system helps ensure there is no problem of congestion despite the city being just about 15 minutes drive away from downtown Atlanta.


Smyrna is an ideal city for younger individuals as many of those live here. It has diverse neighborhoods and boasts one of the higher per capita incomes in Georgia. The downtown area, which features the Market Village and Village Green, is the focal point for city residents, offering an adequately-equipped community center and many restaurants and shops.