Learn More About Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Background and General Information on Cape Girardeau –
Cape Girardeau is located within Cape Girardeau County in the state of Missouri. Most people refer to Cape Girardeau as the “Cape.” If you were to look on a map you would see that Cape Girardeau is located about 115 miles Southeast of St. Louis and close to 175 miles North of Memphis. The population here as of 2017 was just under 40,000. This portion of Missouri is ever expanding and is the home of Southeast Missouri State University. According to the United States Census Bureau, Cape Girardeau is 28.49 square miles in size with a very tiny portion of that being water. The weather here is categorized as “Humid Subtropical” which means that you will get to experience all four seasons. The summer months tend to be hot as well as muggy and the winters months tend to be cold and wet. The cold season here lasts from the end of November until the end of February when the daily average high is around 52 degrees. The low for this time is a chilly 27 degrees. The summer weather lasts about a month longer than the winter weather. From the end of May until mid to late September the daily average high is around 80 degrees. The low for this time is just ten degrees less coming in at 70 degrees. One of the benefits of living here is that you will not see a lot of snow. Cape Girardeau receives only ten inches of snow or less per year. But this portion of Missouri receives close to 50 inches of rain per year. So, it does tend to get a little wet here but most people do not seem to mind that since there are more than 213 sunny days per year. The national average is 205 so Cape Girardeau beats that average by 8 days.

Deerfield Estates
One of the emerging subdivisions here in Cape Girardeau is “Deerfield Estates.” Here you will find vacant land that can accommodate single family homes as well as attached homes. There is a low HOA here and plenty of lots for your dream home. If you are looking for a larger plot of land to develop your home on, those are available as well but are a tad bit pricer. Once this development is complete it is going to be one of the most gorgeous places to live in Cape Girardeau!

How the Economy is Supported here in Cape Girardeau –
Here in Cape Girardeau there are more than 100 different employers that has at least 100 employees working for them. The top five largest employers as per the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce are as follows. Southeast Health employs almost 3,000 people, St Francis Medical Center employs a little more than 2,500, Proctor & Gamble employs 1,200, Southeast Missouri State University employs around 1,100 and the Cape Girardeau Public School System employs a little more than 700 people.

Education in Cape Girardeau –
There are more than 20 different kinds of schools here in Cape Girardeau. There are 5 public elementary schools, 1 public middle school, 1 public junior high school and 1 public high school.
There are also several private schools here like the “Cape Christian School,” “Notre Dame Regional High School,” Eagle Ridge Christian School,” St. Vincent’s De Paul Grade School,” and “Deer Creek Christian Community.” As previously mentioned, Southeast Missouri State University is located here and is one of the most attended college campuses in the area. Besides that university there is the “Metro Business College,” the “Southeast Hospital College of Nursing & Health Sciences” as well as two different cosmetology schools. The education here in Cape Girardeau is abundant and offers up many options for students seeking a higher education.

Eateries in Cape Girardeau –
“36 Restaurant & Bar” is one of Cape Girardeau’s most notable eateries. This cozy restaurant offers up a fine dining experience which makes for the perfect date night. The restaurant has antiques and things collected from all over Cape Girardeau on display which makes for the perfect backdrop as you are dining here. Another great place to check out is “Bistro Saffron.” This bistro was opened back in 1996 and features Pan-Asian cuisine. The menu here is simple but people rave about the unexpected flavors in some of their signature creations. The atmosphere is relaxed and very laid back. Either one of these two options is great if you are looking for a place to eat here in Cape Girardeau!

Summary –
Cape Girardeau is a great place to live if you want to experience the four seasons as well as have an abundant of education options for your children. Make sure you check out Cape Girardeau when thinking of moving to Missouri!