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Learn More About Grayson, Georgia

Learn More About Grayson, Georgia


Grayson is a very small city of just about 3,000 people situated southeast of the heart of Gwinnett County in the state of Georgia. It covers a total area of about two and a half square miles, with a little over 2 percent of this made up of water. The community is governed by a mayor and a city council comprising four members.


First settled in 1820, Grayson was established in 1879 by James Paterson McConnell, who bought 80 acres of land in the area. He constructed a building that housed the community’s first post office alongside several businesses. Grayson was previously known as Trip, a name given by a Lawrenceville public figure called J.D. Spence, who described coming to McConnell’s place as a trip. Postmaster John Ellery Jacobs requested in 1901 that the name of the town be changed to Berkley. But there was already a community with that name in the state. Jacobs then suggested Graymount (inspired by unobstructed view of the Stone Mountain), but it was also taken, making him to settle for Grayson.


Although Grayson has a rather low population, it has in fact experienced significant growth in recent years. The resident count was just 765 as of 2000 census. But it has today surpassed 3,000, driven by exurban growth in the eastern section of Gwinnett County. This community, which is a decent choice for the unhurried lifestyle, boasts of very high diversity in terms of the races of those calling it home. A significant proportion of the residents are born outside the United States.


A large number of the homes in Grayson were built in recent years to cater to the rise in the number of residents. The influx of people to this location has made local real estate to rank among the most valued in the county and state. Some of the popular communities among home buyers in this tiny city includes Wheatfields Reserve and Sawyer Farms.


The small-town ambiance of Grayson makes it a very popular place for families. There are many families here creating opportunities for parents and children to establish new social relationships. The community boasts of several family-oriented services. Most of the homes in the city are owner-occupied, single-family units. Another thing that makes Grayson great for families is that it boasts an impressively high percentage of college-educated adults.


Grayson offers numerous parks, sports programs, shops and restaurants for having a great time outdoors. It also boasts many family-friendly events, such as festivals and concerts. One of the popular events held yearly at Grayson City Park in the heart of the community is Grayson Day, which inspired by Snellville Days in neighboring Snellville. The event, which is held last Saturday in April, features a lively parade down Main Street alongside live music, crafts and superb dining options.


It is without doubt that Grayson is a city to live, work or play. The community boasts superb amenities that make it both a family-friendly and sophisticated professional city. It offers an impressive range of recreational options. You enjoy a small town ambiance while also having convenient access to the big city.