Sell My House Fast in California

When you first start thinking about selling your home, there are several methods you can use, the most common of which is to hire a real estate agent who will represent you during the process and help you close the transaction. While real estate agents can be beneficial, hiring an agent also means that the process will likely take a long time and that your costs will be higher. If you want to sell your home quickly and increase the profits you receive, it's highly recommended that you sell your home on your own. Here are some tips on how to sell your home quickly.

Focus on an MLS

While it's possible to create individual listings of your home on various listing websites like Zillow and Trulia, developing numerous listings to place on different websites only serves to waste you time and money. Instead, focus on using an MLS, which is a feature available with

A multiple listing service is a large database that stores information on properties for sale. All regional MLS systems are tied into a national MLS database that real estate agents have access to. By getting your home listed on an MLS, your property will gain exposure among potential buyers.

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Declutter and Clean Your Home

If you want to sell your home quickly, it's essential that you declutter and clean your home to make the interiors as appealing to potential buyers as possible. Any large pieces of furniture or extra belongings that are just lying around should be packed away or taken to a storage unit.

It's also highly recommended that you organize your closets to make sure that potential buyers are able to visualize the amount of storage space your home has. Make sure that any family photos or keepsakes are packed away as well to make it easier for buyers to view themselves living in your home. Dusting and vacuuming are also important tasks.

Hire a Photographer

The only way to sell your home in a short period of time is by appealing to buyers who are currently on the market. You might find it difficult to do so if the first impression buyers have of your home is a bad one. While some people will drive through neighborhoods to find homes for sale that they might be interested in, it's much more common for buyers to look at online listings, which come with listing photos.

While it's very easy to take pictures of your home with your own camera or phone, the quality may not be good enough. A bad listing photo that doesn't properly portray the beauty of your home may result in your property sitting on the market for an extended period of time.

Hiring a professional to take photos of your home will likely cost you several hundred dollars. However, these photos should make your listing more appealing. Before these photos are taken, your home should have ample amounts of natural light, which means that blinds should be open and natural light should be in abundance.

Create a Strong Listing Description

Once you've selected your preferred listing price, it's time to create a description for the listing. Keep in mind that a well-written listing will help you sell your home faster. First, list the best features in your home with keywords that buyers will find compelling.

Everything that makes your home, its features or neighborhood desirable should be mentioned in the listing. This may include the school district that you live in as well as any parks or public areas. Mentioned any upgrades, the view, and other attributes which would attract a buyer. Is it on the water, has a city, water or mountain view…if so make sure to mention it. Quality pictures should be incorporated into the listing as well. Make sure that you have a sense of urgency when writing the listing. For instance, you might want to state that every offer should be submitted by a specific date.

Why You Should Sell with ByOwner

When you list your home with, you benefit from having your home placed on a multiple listing service. You'll also be provided with important extras, which include everything from a yard sign to assistance with creating an ad.

Making an online listing is simple and straightforward. In fact, all that's required to start this process is to enter the type of home you'd like to sell. Once the listing has been made, you'll get your home on the market the same day. People in many states and cities across the U.S. are selling their home in record time with ByOwner.

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Sell My House Fast in California

California homes practically sell themselves. Because of the spectacular, year-round weather and the rich cultural scene, many cities in California are among the most popular destinations for new homeowners in the U.S. At, we want to make it easier for consumers to sell a home in California. Our expansive real estate marketing and listing services are able to save sellers thousands of dollars by facilitating a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) transaction.


Instead of paying 6% in real estate commissions to an agent for listing and marketing your property, you can keep this money in your pocket while still benefiting from full MLS listing coverage. Some of the extras you'll get when selling your California home include a free eBook, a yard sign, and direct contact with potential buyers.


The process of listing your own home begins by selecting the property type you wish to sell. From here, you can create a 7-day free trial or full account to get your California home listed on all of the top listing sites and services. Thousands of people are selling houses from California. The most popular cities are Fresno, San Diego, Palmdale, Sacramento, and Modesto.

Popular Cities in California
City Name No of Properties Avg. list price Avg. price / sq.ft
Los Angeles, CA 4796 homes for sale $2,441,848 $884
Sacramento, CA 4269 homes for sale $582,942 $423
San Diego, CA 2059 homes for sale $1,329,524 $869
Stockton, CA 1790 homes for sale $544,305 $362
Modesto, CA 1265 homes for sale $576,028 $367
Roseville, CA 1258 homes for sale $688,519 $338
San Jose, CA 1239 homes for sale $1,364,044 $861
Lancaster, CA 1218 homes for sale $266,361 $360
Oakland, CA 1109 homes for sale $920,013 $884
Palm Springs, CA 978 homes for sale $1,032,751 $617
Apple Valley, CA 915 homes for sale $393,922 $490
Palm Desert, CA 872 homes for sale $878,876 $450
Hemet, CA 858 homes for sale $389,880 $321
Elk Grove, CA 842 homes for sale $766,035 $370
Riverside, CA 767 homes for sale $816,425 $437
Popular Counties in California
County Name No of Properties Avg. list price Avg. price / sq.ft
Los Angeles County 19001 homes for sale $1,960,292 $881
Riverside County 12533 homes for sale $778,369 $495
San Bernardino County 11766 homes for sale $483,964 $502
Sacramento County 8645 homes for sale $623,228 $393
San Diego County 6833 homes for sale $1,527,560 $876
Orange County 4855 homes for sale $2,202,079 $998
San Joaquin County 3827 homes for sale $720,231 $441
Placer County 3803 homes for sale $800,742 $392
Stanislaus County 2900 homes for sale $741,681 $458
Alameda County 2737 homes for sale $1,188,225 $899
Santa Clara County 2722 homes for sale $1,933,537 $1092
Contra Costa County 2515 homes for sale $1,148,064 $661
El Dorado County 2466 homes for sale $713,964 $438
Butte County 2020 homes for sale $354,374 $400
Kern County 1836 homes for sale $331,699 $420