Savvy Sellers Save Money With A Flat Fee Listing

Get in the MLS with a low Flat Fee

  • Low, 1 Time Fee
  • Nationwide Exposure
  • Get Local MLS
  • Seen on:, Zillow, Redfin (many more)
  • Save $15,000 or more*

Are you ready to sell your home but not ready to give up 6% of your total selling price to a broker? We don’t blame you, the real estate market is changing and sellers have more and more options to save on their home selling process.

ByOwner gives you the option to skip the broker’s commissions entirely while gaining national exposure on sites like Redfin, Zillow,, and Trulia.

You can list your Flat Fee MLS for just $499 in most areas, or only $99 in Florida and Illinios. It is easy to start today and take advantage of our affordable listings to save thousands while still gaining the same MLS exposure to successfully sell your home.

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What is Flat Fee MLS ?

By definition, Flat-Fee MLS refers to the procedure of a Seller placing their home on the market with a real estate Agent or Broker where the brokerage firm places the property into an MLS Service (Multiple Listing Service) for a flat fee or flat dollar amount verses the more traditional payment method of a percentage of a home's sales price.

This Flat Fee method of marketing real estate is becoming more popular with Sellers as they look for alternative methods to sell their home without paying a 6% commission. When a Brokerage firm is involved in a real estate transaction, the commission is often distributed between two sides; the "Listing Agent" side, and the "Buyers Agent" side. The "Listing Agent" is the Agent who places your home on the market and in MLS; the "Buyers Agent" is the Agent who brings the Buyer. In some cases, the Listing Agent may also represent the Buyer, but for the most part the Buyer will come from a separate source, being the Buyer's Agent.

Sellers use our Flat Fee MLS listing Service to get their home in front of "Buyers Agents", While eliminating a separate "Listing Agent" commission. This can reduce the amount of commission the Seller will pay by over 50. For example, the graphic below compares our Flat Fee MLS transaction with a tradition 6% commission sale, in this case if the Seller pays only a 1% fee Buyers Agent fee, the savings is substantial, $12,051. The savings can even be greater if no "Buyers Agent" is involved.

Why Use a Flat Fee Service

On a $250,000 home, you’ll pay $15,000 by listing your home the traditional way. But, is there a better way?

Listing your home with a Flat-Fee MLS service means money in your pocket!

The Flat-Fee MLS model allows a seller to list their home on the market with a real estate agent using a multiple-listing service (MLS). Instead of paying commissions for both the buyer’s agent and your own agent, you can pay a one-time fee and get national exposure on sites like, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and all other major brokerage sites.

Home Listings Featured in Many High-Profile Sites

At our Flat Fee MLS Listing gets you the exposure you need to get your home Sold. Your home will be included in all the highest trafficked websites including, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and in all the major brokerage sites.

How Much Can You Save ?

The average seller who uses our Flat Rate MLS Listing, will save over $15,000. We give you the tools and exposure you need as a ForSaleByOwner to compete with every other listing in the MLS.

  • Your
    Home Price


  • Traditional
    6% Fee


  • Buyers Agent
    1-3% Fee


  • ByOwner's Flat Fee Listing
    Saves You


This eliminates the “listing agent” commission -- typically around 3% -- and gives you the option to work directly with sellers once they inquire. This can reduce the amount of commission the Seller will pay by over 50% in many cases.

This is a game-changer for FSBO real estate, where typically the owner must do all the marketing themselves. ByOwner takes care of all of your online listings, but doesn’t charge you for ancillary services that you don’t need to sell your home.

On a $250,000 home, you could save approximately $15,000 and put that money in your pocket!

Traditional Broker

Most Areas Florida, Illinios
Pay a 6% commission $499 flat fee $99 flat fee
Long Term Listing Contract Cancel Anytime Cancel Anytime
Give up part of your equity Keep Your Money In Your Pocket Keep Your Money In Your Pocket

Commission Comparison

Differences Between a Flat Fee MLS and Traditional Broker Agreement?

Flat-Fee MLS agreements are incredibly effective cost-saving services for sellers who are comfortable working the negotiations of the sale themselves. Unlike a traditional broker agreement, with a Flat-Fee MLS

  • You will show your home to prospective buyers
  • You will negotiate with buyers
  • You may offer buyer’s agents a reduced commission of 1-3%
  • You get to keep what a traditional broker would charge (up to 1-3% of a home’s price)

What Services Are NOT Included in Flat Fee MLS listing?

We are considered a "Limited Service Broker” which puts the home selling process and money back in your control.

You do your own showings to potential buyers and negotiate your selling price

Do I need to sign a listing agreement for a Flat Fee Listing?

Flat-Fee MLS services do require listing agreements, but they are very different from traditional broker agreements. Leaving you in more control of the transaction

Does my home go in the Local MLS?

Yes, You will receive the same local MLS exposure as if you hired a local broker, but without big fees for your representation.

Do I have to pay an agent who brings a buyer?

We recommend you offering a fee of 1-3% of the selling price to a Buyers Agent. (You can still sell your home on your own and pay no Buyer Agent fees.)