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Apollo Beach, Florida
Sitting on a total area of about six square miles, Apollo Beach is a beautiful waterfront community in Hillsborough County, Florida. The census-designated place is home to about 15,000 people and boasts of canals extending for some 55 miles. Residents here enjoy a very friendly climate that characterized by hot, humid summers and mostly mild to cool winters.
The Apollo Beach area was in the past used mainly for agriculture. Its low elevation and mangrove terrain made living there practically impossible about a century ago. The Dickman family acquired land in the area in the early 1920s using it for annual farming and grazing. Considering its location relative to Tampa, Bradenton and U.S. Route 41, Paul Dickman felt the area would make a great waterfront community. His family then proceeded to hire a Miami engineering firm to help lay out a subdivision.
The area was named Tampa Beach by three businessmen from New York who acquired land there in the early 1950s. It was thought the association to a big city like Tampa would be more helpful in stimulating the interest of home buyers. A retired Michigan businessman Francis Corr acquired the land in 1957 after the previous developers ran into financial challenges. He changed the name to La Vida Beach, but his wife Dorothy was said to have suggested a year later that the name be changed to Apollo Beach.
The development of the community was confronted with several challenges, including regulatory obstacles. One of these hurdles was the Growth Management Act, which was passed in 1972, aimed at regulating growth in the state of Florida. The Corr family continued with development efforts nonetheless and Apollo Beach is today a flourishing community boasting a serene and appealing environment.
Apollo Beach had just over 1,000 residents in 1970. But as of 2010, the total population had risen to 14,701 people, which was almost double the level back in 2000. More recent data showed that this figure has exceeded 15,000. There were almost 5,900 households in the community in 2010, with this also representing almost 75 percent rise on the count in 2000.  With its scenic and peaceful setting, the CDP is one of the popular places for home purchases in Florida.
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Apollo Beach is certainly one beautiful community for individuals and families in search of a serene place to live somewhere not far from Tampa Bay. It has witnessed a significant influx of sort in recent years, raising demand for new homes. The CDP has an estimated 55 miles of canals spanning all the way to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Exciting activities to be enjoyed year-round here include fishing and boating among other waterfront activities.