One of the areas of selling on your own that can be somewhat intimidating is writing your ad….what to include…what to leave out….how to describe your home’s features most effectively….oversell or undersell….what will get you the results you desire?

One thing that will help keep you focused in the right direction is to understand the goal of your online ad. When someone is looking at properties online, they’re asking themselves… “Why should I pay that price for that home in that location?” The job of your ad is to answer with “This is why..this is why…this is why”.  Instead of hoping buyers will choose to walk through your home…Inspire them to want to come over NOW!

You only have a few moments to capture a buyer’s interest so your words need to grab their attention.

WORDS MATTER:                                                                                                                                 

Home instead of House:  A house is a building. A home is somewhere you create memories and raise a family. (Includes Townhome instead of Townhouse and using the word home instead of just condo or unit)

Spacious is more enticing than huge.  Freshly painted in neutral tones is enough…avoid “each room has been painted in neutral tones so as to allow you to come in and create your own  special spaces, etc etc etc. Another example of this elongated drone would be “Bonus room can be extra bedroom, den, office, workout room, hobby room, etc”. “Bonus room” is enough.

Be careful not to overuse words. If you say: beautiful this and beautiful that, comfy/cozy, nestled, dream come true, won’t last, must see, etc….Buyer reads: blah blah blah blah.  Be specific and to the point: Finely detailed…Upgraded throughout….Breathtaking views (but only if they really take your breath away!). Fully renovated. Recently updated. New appliances. Short and again to the point. If your photos are strong (and they need to be) then your words are there to validate what they see.

With regard to location it’s important to include things like: Close to  highways, public transportation, shopping, restaurants, nightlife, schools, parks, hospitals….whatever drives people to your area should be emphasized.

There was a time when fluff was effective because the internet wasn’t available to allow buyers to actually walk though your home before they ever arrive. That’s all changed now. Your ad opens…they look at the photos. If they like what they see, they will read what you write BUT only if it isn’t tedious. Remember, you’re writing and ad not a novel.

Note: If writing intimidates your, consider using one of the Elite options. They include having your ad professionally written!