Window Choices to Add Beauty…Light…Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your existing one, flipping a house or updating old windows, it’s a great idea to look at all your possible options that might further enhance the look and energy efficiency of your home before you simply duplicate what’s already there or go with “ordinary” because it’s cheaper. If’re building, sometimes the more exciting window looks may, in the big picture, not add that much more to your end cost. If you’re flipping, windows that allow a lot more natural light to bathe the home, especially one that typically had smaller and less windows, can definitely pay for itself when selling. Buyers LOVE when the sunshine flows!! If you’re updating your residence, by changing up your windows, even just a few of them, can allow you to have the sense of living in a brand new space! Take time to review, study and choose what windows can and will do for your home in the big and ultimate picture! Then bask in the light, sunshine, warmth/coolness and if you choose wisely, lower energy costs!