Use Flyers Effectively!

We’ve all seen them. Flyers in a box attached to a seller’s sign. So, of course, you decide you’ll do that too. The box is empty so now you’re waiting for all those calls to come in. But, as much as you’d like to believe it, the box being empty does not mean there are a lot of interested buyers fighting over your home. It more often means that a few potential buyers have grabbed a flyer while the rest most likely went to nosy neighbors who just want to see how much you’re asking and realtors who want you to list your home with them. That does not mean flyers are not effective. The key is to use them most effectively! Here are some proven methods of operation.

  • Make sure your flyers are in color, bright, clear and include the most important details about your home including your address!
  • Make sure your flyers have ALL your contact information: first name, phone number and email address.
  • Print at least a hundred flyers so you can put some on your sign AND carry many with you to distribute both deliberately as well as when you’re just out and about.
  • If there are hospitals or universities in your area, go to the Human Resources departments and ask if you can leave some flyers with them for newly hired doctors, professors or staff.
  • Leave flyers at local police and fire stations as many municipalities require them to reside within the city limits.
  • Stopping for coffee with a friend? So are prospective buyers. Leave flyers on community boards or window ledges in coffee shops.
  • Heading to the grocery store? Bring flyers with you in case they have community boards as you enter the store. If so post some flyers there.
  • If you’re willing to pay a commission to buyers agents who bring you a buyer, stop by real estate offices with flyers that include a posting with the amount of commission you’re willing to pay them for their effort.

These are some proven methods to get results from flyers. Use your own imagination to think up some more. If you’re going to take advantage of flyers, make a point of doing so in the most effective ways possible. Good Selling!