Moving and all that entails: choosing a mover, getting quotes, insurance, packing, over-packing, etc. can create a stress level that is anything but fun and exciting.  In our heads we create this fabulous experience yet without some solid planning and due diligence, the result will most likely be “I will never move again!!” Let’s look at a few things you can do to help create the fun move fantasy that lives in your head.

1. Choose your mover wisely.

Yes, there are moving scams so beware and be diligent. Again, remember the cheapest price is rarely the “Best” deal! Moving can be very costly so take the time to do your homework and review both details listed on websites AND random reviews. Check out the name of the company you’re considering on Not only can you see negative reviews & complaints, but how well the company handled the complaints thru the Better Business Bureau. You can also research your state transportation regulator and the U.S. Department of Transportation to see if your company has been flagged for complaints and misdeeds. Any of your friends, family or co-workers moved recently? Find out who they used and what kind of experience they had.  If they rave, take note and get a quote. If they say, it was ‘ok’ or less than satisfactory, you’ll know what companies to cross off your list hence not wasting your time.

2. Comparison shop and review quotes carefully checking out every ounce of small print or exceptions.

When hiring a moving company, one of the first indicators of their price to value is their willingness to come out to your home and provide you with a professional detailed estimate and not quote you over the phone based on your inexperienced information. Unless you have done this several times before or are in the industry, there are many factors that you just won’t be cognizant of so educate yourself by choosing a company that will walk you fully through the process, pricing and incidental factors that can arise and increase your bottom line dramatically. If they won’t come, tell them no thanks!  Just like any major purchase, it’s best to get multiple quotes and compare not just their price, but how they treated you, advised you and were willing to take time to answer all your questions. An attention to detail at this starting point will usually reflect an attention to detail throughout the process. As nice as the company rep or owner might be and all the extras they say “they’ll throw in”, say thank you and then GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!! Note: If this is a short  move, you might want to compare the costs and headaches of hiring professional movers with doing the job yourself with the help of some wonderful friends and family. Always good to do those old fashioned pros and cons list to determine if this is a feasible option.

3. Schedule your move as early as possible.

Getting quotes and choose a moving company can take time when you do it right, so make sure and leave yourself enough time and do it far enough ahead of when you will be moving so that you don’t get stuck having to use an inferior company simply because they’re the only ones available. Companies with great reputations and minimal complaints will book up quickly so get them out, choose the one you want to use and get on their schedule. Even if it’s months ahead of your actual move, when push comes to shove, this is one thing you won’t have to worry about.

4. Pack with ease and cost in mind.

Do you really need to move baby clothes that your children have outgrown or your grown children don’t want for their children. I get the sentiment…right there with you and this is a tough one but remember each box added to the moving truck adds considerable cost to your bottom line. That goes for nik naks, boxed up ‘treasures’ that you haven’t looked at since you moved them from your last home to this home, books you never plan to read again (this one can really pay off because books make for very heavy boxes), clothes you haven’t worn in over a year, pans you never cook with, etc etc etc.  This is a great time to purge and start fresh in your new home. Go through your bins, boxes, closets and shelves and make piles: Toss….Give away to a friend or family member who will appreciate what you’re sharing with them….Give to charity…..Sell at a garage sale. Sometimes it is very hard to let go but if you’re going to have to pay for a storage place at your new home to accommodate all your ‘extra stuff’, or load up your basement or garage the day you move in, think of the word “Edit” and begin the journey to a less cluttered, less cumbersome and more free lifestyle in your new home!

5. Start packing from the moment you decide to move!

Packing is fun for around the first few hours. After that, well, let’s just say your mood will be less than happy and excited! You can reduce the stress of packing by starting immediately and doing it in small increments of time instead of all at once. Go room by room with a clipboard and make a list of items that can be packed ahead of time and stacked and ready to go…ie: off season clothing, linens, blankets, holiday decor, etc. Remember the most important step, LABEL ALL YOUR BOXES AND BINS not  only with what room they go in but a breakdown of what’s in there. This will be very helpful at the other end so you know which boxes or bins to open first or set aside for later. This will allow you to settle in gracefully instead of pulling out your hair trying to find your utensils or mugs and coffee maker which you want right away.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!!

We all have those friends and family that will be more than willing to assist us when we need help. It will be much kinder and easier to get them to help if you are doing your packing in spurts. A couple of hours on a Saturday, Sunday or evening here and there is much more palatable than asking someone to give up their entire weekend because you dropped the ball  with planning.

REMEMBER THE ADAGE, IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL.  This is so true when it comes to something as huge and significant as moving.