New Home? Tips for an Easy Transition!

So you did it! You are now a homeowner!! Whether it’s your first home or your 10th, a few tips will help you make a smooth and more stress free transition into your home and home ownership.

  • As much as possible, plan to do all your painting, new flooring/lighting installation, Kitchen/Bath renovations including new appliances/counters/backsplashes, etc.  being installed PRIOR to moving in. This will allow you to be less stressed by disruptions to your life…especially if you have kids!
  • Wait until you move in and get a true feel for the space with regard to making new furniture purchases. Once you actually “live” in your home, you may discover that what you thought was the best use of a space actually wasn’t and now you’re stuck or have to return furniture and start over.
  • Wait to order window treatments which can become costly when you’re dressing an entire home. You might be shocked that certain rooms get way more natural light than you expected and others are just way too dark. Walk through your home deliberately at all different times of day to truly experience your spaces.
  • Don’t think that just because the previous homeowner used a space as a formal dining room that that is what that room has to be used for with your family. Maybe you would love a music room, library or kids play room. Forget what your home presented when you bought it and make it what your family needs and wants to enjoy your perfect lifestyle.
  • First time you have a lot of land? Plan ahead, if the sellers didn’t leave lawn equipment, so you have the right amount and size of yard maintenance tools (ie: a tractor instead of a push mower, hedge clippers, tree trimming tools, power washer if there’s a big wood deck or lots of sidewalk to keep clean, etc). Nothing worse than having to spend more on items because you need them right now vs just need them.

Whether you’re a new homeowner or repeat homeowner, moving and settling in can be stressful. Follow these tips and you can reduce that stress and even possibly relax and enjoy the process!! And hey, take before and after pictures!! They’re fun and when you’re finished with all the “work” you’ll be able to really appreciate your effort!!