Let Your Buyers Walk In w/A Great Feeling!

Buying a Home can be a daunting experience. “Did we make the right choice?” “Will our family be happy here?” “What if something goes wrong with something?” You can help your buyers feel confident that buying your home was their best decision by leaving a few simple things to greet them when they arrive.

  • A file folder containing all the warranty information for appliances, furnace, water heater, washer & dryer, etc.
  • A file folder containing all the instruction manual for those same items noted above.
  • Free standing shelves in your storage area that you don’t need for your new home but that can help them in their transition.
  • A detailed list of and directions to: Grocery stores, Specialty Shops, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Animal Hospitals, Restaurants and Special Activities and events available in your area.
  • Now this might sound over the top BUT it is a wonderful gesture that will give your buyers a great and comfortable feeling. Write them a personalized note about all the great times you’ve enjoyed in your home and that you hope they will carry on with their family. Wish them wonderful times and great memory making moments. If they’re moving in on closing day, leave a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine with your note and on the outside envelope put simply “Welcome Home!”

Moving out of your beloved home can be just as emotionally draining as someone else moving in. These simple gestures will make you both feel better about the experience!