Items That Are Best To Sell Locally –VS- Nationally

If you cannot easily package the item up, pay for shipping, and/or transport it to the post office? You may need to consider only selling it locally.


The list of items people sell range from A-Z… plastic decorative fruit and kitchen ware, refurbished antique cars and used appliances, outgrown clothes and furniture, etc.  While there’s not necessarily a right/wrong decision to whether you sell locally or nationally, there is some strategy behind making a good decision.

The following items are a few of the most popular things that are currently being sold online.  Let this list not only help you in determining whether selling LOCALLY or NATIONALLY would be best, but also let it serve as a guide; Do you have any of the following items sitting in your storage room or unit? Have you contemplated selling 1 or more of the following before? Are you need of upgrades?

Perhaps this list will inspire you to sell some stuff, making some room, and profit some cash…

  • Children’s Toys Legos, figurines, dolls, stuffed animals, cars/trucks, battery powered entertainment… this is one of the broadest categories of things you’ll see.  A lot of children’s toys are in high demand.  So much so that buyers are willing to go out of their way to come get it (drive several hours, pay for shipping across states, etc.).  You may be doing yourself a financial disservice if you only took bids from the locals.  The other important factor here is what the buyer normally wants to know about children’s toys; 1- does it work & 2- what kind of shape is it in.  Those are questions that can easily be answered via email and pictures.  Our vote is NATIONAL all the way.
  • Vehicles / Furniture / Appliances: You love your couch, your friend would rather the sleep on the floor.  You hate the way your car drives, your mom loves it. You think your refrigerator is outdated, your sister would take it in a heartbeat.  There’s a reason dozens of makes and models exist.  Personal opinions come in every form possible!  And in addition to pure opinions, we’re dealing with maintenance, care, condition, storage, history, and too many other variables and estimations that aren’t black and white.  Not to mention that selling larger items like vehicles also includes transferring the titles, so add legality procedures to the list of variables.  Needless to say, these is a complicated items to sell and even more expensive to package and send.  We recommend you stay LOCAL.
  • Jewelry / Memorabilia / Collectibles: Luckily, size doesn’t impact this decision. So shipping it isn’t too much of hassle (and won’t cost a ton either!).  But!  Beware that the value of the item needs to be taken into consideration.  Insurance is a must with shipping. Remember though, even if you declare a value of the item for insurance purposes, that doesn’t ensure it actually arrives at Point B from Point A.  So the main questions to ask yourself are: Is it replaceable? Can I buy a new one tomorrow? Would the insurance amount make the situation all right if it was lost?  As long as you can answer yes to those questions, we say go for it! Go NATIONAL.
  • School/College/Text Books / DVDs: NATIONAL all the way. Simple. Books are books, DVDs are DVDs, and most people prefer to buy that stuff used, anyway.  Book stores sell them used, movie stores sell them used.  It’s very common and preferred.  Your goal with selling these items is to get as many people as possible to have access seeing, communicating, and/or purchasing them!
  • Electronics: Electronics range widely – different models, different years they were produced, different versions, and different compatibility features.  It may be an iPod or it may be an original Nintendo game system.  Depending on the specs, people are most likely going to want to hold it in their hands before they purchase it.  But that’s not to say you wouldn’t encounter someone who was ready to buy and pay from hundreds of miles away!  Although more bids will come from locals, there’s no harm in advertisings NATIONALLY.
  • Clothing / Shoes/ Purses: Pictures, descriptions, and conversations can go a long way with selling and buying these items.  The size measurements and standards will be to your benefit, here.  And making additional notes in the description like, “shoe runs ½ size smaller” or “original tags still in purse” will help people feel comfortable.  It’s standard to try things on before you buy them… so the more help and guidance you can give to your buyer, the more people will feel comfortable buying from afar.  NATIONAL all the way!

So there you have it, a handful of different categories that people sell online.  As you can see, most stuff is given the “green light” for national selling.  But obviously, no matter what the experts say, make sure to exercise discretion and your best judgment on a case-to-case basis.

Good luck!