The ground hog said it will be an early spring. If you live in the midwest or northeast, you probably, by now, know he was lying. BUT pretty soon it will be spring so let’s review a quick checklist to consider so you can be ready to go as the first buds appear!

  • Check your exterior walls or trim and note what needs to be powerwashed, painted, or both.
  • Does your chimney or brick walls need any tuckpointing or repairs? This is very common in areas that have suffered through extreme winter weather.
  • Does your lawn or landscaping need repairs? ie: Addition of soil or replacement of plantings that were damaged or minimized due to winter storms?
  • Check your windows for seal issues and screens for damage.
  • How did your roof fare the extreme weather? Have your shingles checked before you experience leaks that then require interior repairs.
  • If you have a wood deck or railings determine if they need to be powerwashed, restained or have boards replaced.
  • Clean all exterior lighting.

It may be too early to do all these items, but make a list, add other items that you see necessary for your particular home and as soon as weather allows, get to work, get it done and then enjoy the fruits of your labor by getting the best price possible for your home!