Current Mortgage % Rates

    Current Rates for 10/25/19 by just a few top Lenders: These numbers reflect excellent credit score but in researching you may find that this is just as good a time for those of you who may be dealing with challenging credit scores. Some companies like New American Funding and Citi focus on helping people with challenges. The key is to do your research. Go online and explore sites that offer info, details, pros and cons and that allow you to focus their results on your personal situation and importantly location because rates can and do vary state to state.  There are hundreds of sites so when searching, try to put in specific parameters to slim down the results to focus on your needs instead of everyone’s needs. This will save you time, frustration and the aggravation that might cause you to give up on your quest for a better rate and bottom line.

loanDepot! Get Your Low Rate Today!     Rate: 3.875%     APR:  3.875%

Close Your Own     Rate:  3.50%      APR:  3.709%

New American Funding     Rate:  3.675%    APR:  3.678%

RateZip             Rate:  3.50%      APR:  3.53%