Clean Your Items Before You Take Pictures


Ever heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words?”

Notice the phrase doesn’t specify whether those are positive or negative words?


Posting pictures of items for sell that haven’t been cleaned is just about as detrimental as writing your entire ad about why no one should from you.

Cleaning your items before taking pictures of them is simply a must.

Why?  Well… let’s look at the opposite scenario.  You take a picture of your un-cleaned items. And post them online for sale.

  • …a couch covered in animal hair
  • …a dusty wooden nightstand
  • …a dirty car with stains on the floor mats
  • …a kitchen appliance with some food still crusted to it
  • …a pile of old books (achoo!)

Grossed out yet? Yea, me too.

Presentation is everything.  That’s why first impressions are so powerful.

So what’s your potential buyer going to do when they see your ad with un-cleaned items?  Besides be less-than-enthused?  They’ll do one of two things:

1.) Go look elsewhere. –OR—2.) Offer you a much lower price.

Dirty items tell the buyer: “I’m old” … “I need work” … “I’ve seen better days”

And that translates into work for the buyer. People don’t want to pay for a used item when they have to turn around and invest more time into cleaning it.  Besides, that’s not the message you, as a respectable seller, want to be broadcasting.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most money for your items:

  1. Use a cleaning product (dusting doesn’t cut it)
  2. Use the correct cleaning product (suggested cleaners below)
  3. Do a thorough cleaning (20 second wipe down doesn’t fool anyone)
  4. Exercise precaution with collectibles (consult professionals)
  5. Specify in your ad that the item has been cleaned
Note: people pay most attention to the cleanliness of large cost items (like automobiles & real-estate), so make sure you invest a proper amount of time and cleaning-energy into those.

When your items are clean, they’ll look newer – which translates into more money for you!  That’s something no one will be upset about.

For the above tips #1 and #2, these are some of the highest rated and multi-purpose cleaners:


  • Magical on stains, inside and outside
  • Suggestions: linen, furniture, cloth stains

 409 All-Purpose Cleaner

  • Great for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces
  • Suggestions: children’s toys, kitchen appliances, DVD cases, plastic tubs/bins, bikes


  • Safe for almost all surfaces like porcelain, tile, wood, aluminum
  • Suggestions: wooden furniture without a finish, bathroom appliances
  • I’m not sure there is anything this isn’t good for.
The best news is, once you interact with a community of people who care about their stuff, care about their reputation, and care about your satisfaction?

…You’ll never go back.

Online buying and selling is at a revolutionary point.  There hasn’t ever been a better time to join.  So…if you’ve got items you’re looking to sell, we’ve got the place for you to do it.

Open that cleaning closet and get to it!  We’ll be here waiting.

—– —– —– —– —–

What’s something you own that is a bit dirty but worthy of selling?