Clean Your Closet for Better Showings & A Calmer Life

Did you know eliminating clutter from your home is one of the most cost-efficient, effective ways to improve its perceived value to buyers? In exchange for your effort, your home will seem larger, filled with potential, and much more desirable to viewers.  Another benefit is how much less stressed you will feel every time you walk in or open your closet and see order instead of chaos! Think de-cluttering your home is too daunting a task? Try choosing just one thing and focusing on it.

Small steps are better than no steps at all.

OVERLOAD OF CLOTHES: There is probably a huge chunk of apparel in your closet that isn’t being used. Get rid of it. Only keep the items that you wear. Simplify your closet, and you’ll simplify a part of your home.

WHERE TO BEGIN: You have two options, depending on your schedule:

Test in an afternoon or weekend: Take everything out of your closet, try each item on and determine what items you still like/wear. Anything that needs to be mended, mend; anything that you don’t want, give away. Only keep what fits you and looks good on you.

Test over time: If you lack a big chunk of time to de-clutter, try this instead. Move your entire wardrobe to another closet and pull just what you need out of it every morning. After you’ve worn something, move it into your regular closet. Continue this for a few weeks/months, and you’ll know what items are being worn consistently.


Think Seasonally: If there are clothes you wear, but not in the current season, put them into storage. You won’t be wearing them out-of-season, so putting them away frees up closet space and makes your closet appear much more inviting to your buyer.

Think Objectively: If you’re hanging on to an item for purely sentimental reasons with no intention of ever wearing it again, take a picture and move on. If you really, really can’t part with it, add it to a keepsake/memories box. Don’t keep it in the closet.

Think Practically: It’s a good idea to get rid of wire hangers, if at all possible. They get tangled and broken and contribute to a messy look. Donate them to your local Salvation Army or shelter and invest in matching plastic, wooden or popular thin felt covered hangers you can find at Walmart or Target. Low cost. High end look.

Think Purposefully: Try to make a commitment to yourself to only use your closet for wardrobe items. It’s not the place for your computer, old books or photo boxes. By relegating your closet’s use to its intended one, you not only de-clutter, you de-stress!

THE RESULTSee the source image
Cleaning out your closet may feel like a lot of work, but consider all the benefits:

  • You’ll find it easier to pick out clothes in the morning.
  • The room will look more presentable to potential buyers.
  • Your closet will seem more spacious.
  • You won’t have to go through the process when you sell/move.
  • You’ll be giving to charity.
  • Donations are tax-deductible.
  • You will feel fantastic!