Be True to You!

I was excited to receive my newest issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine and see what great ideas and visions I could glean from their pages. Haven’t we all done this? Whether it’s BH&G, HGTV, Home Decorating or another of the numerous magazine and ezine options that share decorating ideas, we open them and assume they know and offer so much better ideas than anything we can come up with ourselves.

BUT, I am not exaggerating when I say I went through the entire current magazine and did not find one design, color scheme or decorating idea that held any appeal for me at all. That caused me to realize that sometimes I simply should follow my own instincts or try out my own ideas instead of allowing myself to be overly influenced by others as to what works best for me. I decided I should trust my own gut and not talk myself out of an idea simply because it doesn’t match what the current magazines/ezines are showing. Kind of like watching a fashion show and thinking “Do people really wear this stuff?”. Should your home “wear” those ideas? Do they fit your personality, family life or desired ambiance? Think about that before you give up on your own idea in lieu of some celebrity’s.

Now, that said, I will continue to review online and magazine ideas and probably like and try many of them in my own home. I’m not saying they don’t have and offer you value. What I am saying is, don’t assume they reveal what’s best for you or dictate how you should decorate your home. You want to create a space that, as soon as you open the door to enter says, “Welcome HOME”!