How to Buy Cheap Tickets for Broadway Shows

By Jan Ross

The last time we were in New York City, we went to the August Wilson Theater on 52nd Street and saw “Jersey Boys”. It was wonderful; so wonderful that I recommend it to anyone who is visiting New York anytime in the future – go see Jersey Boys! It is one of those shows where you are so involved in the story and the music, you don’t even realize you are singing along and swaying in your seat until you look around and see the entire audience is doing it!

how to find cheap broadway tickets - new york city vacation rentals - byownerI have been to a number of shows in New York; anytime I am in the area, a show is on my itinerary. I have bought tickets online before but, if you can be a little flexible about what show you want to see and when you want to go to the theater, you can get some great deals on the most popular shows.

Finding Cheap Tickets for Broadway Shows

If you want to have tickets in hand when you arrive in the Big Apple, try checking the web site for the specific show you want to see. They often have specials and may send newsletters out about special offers, so sign up for those.

The folks who make those Playbill programs you get at a Broadway show also have a web site where they often list discounted tickets for shows. ( Be careful about ordering tickets from just any web sites offering a deal as some are just a sham but you can trust Theatermania as they are known to be reputable. (

If you can wait until you are in the city for your tickets, you are really in luck because you can get some great deals at the TKTS Discount Booths ( There are three of these discount booths in the city so just head to the one that is closest to where you are staying.

They are located in Times Square, Downtown Brooklyn and at South Street Seaport. Keep in mind that matinee tickets are only sold the day before and only at the Brooklyn and South Street Seaport location. It would simply be too difficult to buy a ticket for a performance that afternoon – you’d probably not even make it to the theater!

However, you can buy tickets for evening performances at all three locations. Be sure to dress for the weather as there will be long lines, go early (check the hours for each booth online), take drinking water and try not to go alone in case you need to leave for a bathroom break! All the booths take credit cards, cash, and traveler’s checks although some off-Broadway shows do require cash so plan accordingly.

If you are planning dinner a nice restaurant before the show, I strongly suggest you make reservations as there will be plenty of other people with the same idea. Plan plenty of time for dinner and your walk or taxi ride to the theater as you certainly don’t want to be late. Now, enjoy the show!

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